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I have amassed an impressive list of testimonials that comes as a result of competent and dedicates service to my clients. 
“I have known Ken since 1998 when he was GM of the Atlanta Falcons. After playing in the NFL for several years, he had a long and illustrious as an NFL executive. We’ve been very fortunate to provide our clients with his insight, perspective and advice on the NFL team interview process. He has helped elevate many of our clients’ draft status and I consider him irreplaceable in our pre-draft training package.” 

Pat Dye, President
Profiles Sports, Inc.
“I was the second agent to use Ken’s services dating back to the 2002 Draft. Every draft pick I have ever worked with since that time has been prepared by Ken for the InterviewProcess. I use Ken because you can’t replicate his experience. His credibility with these young men is unmatched.”

  Sean Kiernan,
Select Sports
"I have worked with Ken since he began working with draft eligible players 8 years ago. His service is INVALUABLE. The interview process has become equal, if not, more important than the other testing elements. Ken has prepared ALL of our clients to not only answer questions properly, but have MORE CONFIDENCE. I HIGHLY recommend Ken and his services."

Hadley Engelhard, Esq.
President / CEO
Enter-Sports Management
"Ken has been very effective preparing my clients for the combine interviews. His firm demeanor and NFL Executive experience command immediate respect. Ken provides a true hand-on approach in preparing my players thoroughly for the interview process"

Joel Segal
President, Football Division
Best Sports Management
"Our company was one of the first to use Ken and we believe his service is an invaluable component of our pre-draft preparation. Every draft pick we have represented since 2002 has met with Ken and I believe that he has helped our clients maximize their draft status by preparing them for the mental component of their job interview."

Mitch Frankel
Impact Sports
“Ken is instrumental in preparing our clients in the NFL draft process. His thorough film work and interview preparation enable our clients to be successful at the Combine. He instills confidence in each player in order for them to be most comfortable in individual team meetings. Ken’s experience in preparing athletes for the combine and pro-days is invaluable to the athlete and to their ultimate success in the pre-draft process as a whole.”

Brian Mackler
Sports Stars, Inc
"Ken's invaluable experience as a former player, scout and personnel executive gives me the confidence in knowing my clients are receiving the very best interview preparation for the NFL draft and combine"

Kevin T. Conner, CEO
Universal Sports Management
"I have been working with Ken since he conceived this program and it has been invaluable to my players. They have always gone into the interview process prepared and ready for the rigors of the combine and pro day process. Ken always goes the extra mile and really cares that the players understand the material before they leave. This why I will always be a Ken Herock client."

Joe Linta, President
JL Sports
"I tell every player I represent there is no better person to prepare you for the NFL Combine than Ken Herock. With nearly 50 years of NFL experience as a former general manager, player and scout, Ken has instant credibility with our clients the moment he walks into the room. His knowledge of the NFL draft process and the ability to communicate this to our clients is a vital service to our rookie players."

Chad A. Speck,President
Allegiant Athletic Agency
"I know when I send my new clients to Ken Herock they will have the best possible preparation for the all important and rigorous NFL team interview process."

Terry Bolar
Certified Contract Adviser
“This is an extremely competitive and information based business, and with nearly four decades of elite level NFL experience and an impressive network to draw from, Ken provides timely and invaluable information and advice to NFL prospects, which results in a far more informed and better prepared prospect, thus providing them a competitive edge, and optimizing their audition for, and transition into the NFL.

Jeremy  Newberry
"Ken prepared me for every aspect of the combine and interview process. I Still had to work hard, but Ken gave me the tools to succeed and become a first round pick."

Ziggy Hood
1ST  Round Pick
Pittsburgh  Steelers
"Mr. Herock had me extremely prepared for NFL team interviews with scouts, coaches and General Managers He gave me helpful insight on the entire process."

Patrick Robinson
1st Round Pick
New Orleans Saints
"I had no idea what to expect about NFL interviews, but time I spent with Mr. Herock was great and informative. He really helped me prepare to do my best at the Senior Bowl and Combine interviews."

Vladimir Ducasse
2nd Round Pick
NY Jets
“Coach Saban really helped prepare me for the NFL, but Mr. Herock told me about a lot of things that I didn’t expect in my meetings with NFL teams. Before the draft, a number of NFL teams called him about me, including the Raiders, who took me with the 8th pick in the draft. I’m really glad I met with Mr. Herock because I learned a lot and his feedback on me to NFL teams obviously helped me in the draft!” 

Rolando McClain, 
Oakland Raiders
“Ken had me prepared and confident for my interviews both at the Combine and during individual team visits. He left no stone unturned and therefore I knew exactly what to expect.”

Eric Berry
5th Overall 2010 Draft 
"After being released from UW at the beginning of my junior season I knew that I was going to face a lot of tough questions going through my draft process. Ken helped me get my message across clearly and in a way that teams would understand my true character."

Marcus Peters
18th overall selection, 
2015 NFL Draft, Kansas City Chiefs